Poem in Progress: “THIRTY-NINE”

I’m getting old(er), it seems. Another birthday has come and gone.

Below is a a working draft / edition of a vaguely geologically-inspired birthday poem. My upfront apologies to those of my friends who actually understand / study geological sciences. I have no doubt even your (somewhat hardened) sensibilities will be offended at my loose use of your terms and concepts.



–       24, February, 2013


one can be

terrible at maths, the hard sciences –

their smugly

proofed precisions and formulaic


avowals –

and still acknowledge, perhaps even


admire, our

ageing; can countenance its steady slope;

can allow

how it is tears make a difference,


how repose

is an issue of angles assumed.


how we come

to know failure, not in inerrant

terms – no – but

rather as a matter of degree.


how it is

gravity (its sheer stress) is somehow,



both absolute and entirely


at once: how each year’s a talus, manned.


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