NOW ONLINE: Part 2 of ArtsEast’s Interview with matt robinson

It’s hot off the virtual presses.

The folks over at Arts East have now posted a the 2nd section of their NEW two-part interview with matt  on their website.

Here’s an excerpt:


SC: Has the internet helped or hurt poetry?

MR: Yes. And by that I mean I’m sure, if you look narrowly enough, you can make a near-irrefutable argument for either position. Me? I’m lazy in some some ways, surprisingly optimistic in others, so I’m not keen to sprint into one absolutist corner or another and raise that fighter’s hand. Access to information and art is good, as far as I’m concerned. Period. Does that mean access to bad art, amateurish stuff, and — even — hateful / hurtful stuff? Sure. But it also means access to the most amazing art out there, too. We just need to be thoughtfully critical consumers, or art, of poetry, of anything on offer. …


More, you say? You can check out the 2nd section of the interview HERE:

Miss the 1st part of the interview? It’s right HERE:


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