I’m thrilled to let everyone know that 2016’s limited-edition (only 50 signed and numbered copies in existence produced) Gaspereau Press-produced poetry broadside, ‘BEAR’ is NOW available.  Andrew Steeves at Kentville’s Gaspereau Press has always, throughout the decade we've been doing these pieces, developed a great concept and then executed it with aplomb. That said, this year, he's gone above and beyond, and... Continue Reading →

SHORTLISTED! ‘a fist made and then un-made’ named a finalist for the bpNichol Chapbook Award

In exciting news, matt' robinson's 10-poem chapbook -- a fist made and then un-made (Gaspereau Press, 2013) -- has been shortlisted for this year's bpNichol Chapbook Award.  Earlier today in Toronto, in addition to revealing the collections included on his year's bpNichol Chapbook Award shortlist, Meet The Presses also announced that, beginning this year (2014), the... Continue Reading →

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