Citadel Hill – NEW Broadside


I’m happy to let folks know that 2020’s limited-edition Gaspereau Press-produced poetry broadside, ‘Citadel Hill is now available. 

As is the case every year since 2006 when we started doing these things, Andrew Steeves at Kentville’s Gaspereau Press has taken a simple little poem of mine,developed a great concept and then executed it with aplomb. 

The poem text is set in an earthy-toned 24-pt Univers Extra Bold. The title block is a hulking mound of graphically-set wood block type that features uniquely dappled white and black inking, meaning each pass creates a one of a kind title print. All of this is printed on massive light stone grey sheets of 20″ x 14″ handmade St. Armand paper.

There are a limited quantity of SIGNED & NUMBERED COPIES (approximately 25) AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE for $20 , plus shipping.

Also on offer is the following Gaspereau poetry SUPER-PACK: a copy of this brand-new ‘Citadel Hill’ broadside, a copy of one other random older broadside from this series, a copy of the Gaspereau-produced, bpNichol Award-nominated chapbook ‘a fist made and then un-made’ (2013), a copy of the Gaspereau-produced chapbook ‘Against’ (2018), and a copy of my 2016 trade poetry collection “Some Night’s It’s Entertainment; Some Other Nights Just Work” for $50, plus shipping.


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