A new one, in progress. Enjoy.




The world was still and it held

a measure of emptiness.

–  from “A Beginning” by Noah Warren



The world was.     Still; and.     It held

you and you it, in concert,

for a time.    And then.     Then? Briefly, consolation. Wonder.

(A puppy and her ice-cubes frantic

across a threshold’s worn wood tread and back. A mouth

all stilted, numb state sated – leaking a damp, old

song new.) I, tongue, dumb and puddled with this; lyric, now –

a palate cleansed.      Again; encore.     And then? A clumsy wake

of ice shards – ad hoc constellations, ungainly and unmoored from

normal orbits – left, tickertaped across the floor’s fretboard.     And; still:

a measure of emptiness.

Nothing; nothing; more.

–  for GD


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