UPDATED book news! It’s all getting a little more real now.

Having discussed timelines and such in more detail, not to mention having started the page-by-page manuscript editing process, I’m happy to announce that my NEW poetry collection from Wolfville, NS’s Gaspereau Press titled ‘SOME NIGHTS IT’S ENTERTAINMENT; SOME OTHER NIGHTS JUST WORK’, will be released this Fall (September 2016). Launch details are still in the works.

Andrew Steeves and the folks at Gaspereau Press are in the process of finalizing the overall design, including things like whether the cover with be type-based or incorporate an image, but at this point the typeface is chosen: Zenon. It’s a nifty one. As noted on the CAST website:

zenon typeface glyphsZenon is a book typeface in four weights with a wide range of applications. It is a contemporary roman developed from analysis of historical models. Rather than being a revival of any specific type, Zenon is a contemporary approach to traditional 20th-century designs based on Renaissance types. The historical models chosen for references represent some of the masterpieces of Renaissance typography, from 15th-century Venice to the work of Robert Granjon. The development of Zenon took inspiration from these sources aiming for a synthesis, combining the different characteristics in one design that can fit snugly into a contemporary environment. Starting from Renaissance proportions, the Zenon letterforms were condensed little by little towards overall modern proportions (i.e., similarity of letter widths). Zenon is now compact and robust, and it is able to withstand low quality printing. Contrast is low in the Regular weight and strong in the Black. All letters, figures and other glyphs are sloped by about 2 degrees – features that produce an organic design with just a hint of irregularity.

While other final design details are still being ironed out, it has been confirmed the book will feature one of Gaspereau’s famous paper jackets constructed with materials from Montreal’s La Papeterie Saint-Armand. The 100% cotton rag fibre, rough surface, 140 lb coloured stock is the choice, and it looks like Elephant Grey will be the colour.


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