NOW AVAILABLE: ‘a fist made and then un-made’ from Gaspereau Press

It’s now here and there and everywhere!AFMATU

In any case, I can now officially confirm the availability of  a NEW limited-edition (only 300 copies produced) poetry chapbook from Wolfville, NS’s Gaspereau Press titled ‘A FIST MADE AND THEN UN-MADE’.

Copies of this number (#27) in Gaspereau’s Devil’s Whim Occasional Chapbook Series are available for the fantastic low price of $4.95 each through Gaspereau’s website and directly from me (via the internet and in person depending upon your exact whereabouts. I’m going to chat with the folks at The Bookmark on Spring Garden Road here in Halifax about stocking a few as well.

Andrew Steeves and the folks at Gaspereau Press have put together a great design for a 10-poem chapbook that will run about 6″ x 8″ and features a number of poems that Gaspeareau has produced as limited-edition broadsides. More details on font and design specifics will become available once a firm release date has been set.

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