NEW Broadside / Broadsheet for 2011: “THE TRAIL IS A TANGLED PLUMB LINE”

Yup, it’s just about that time of year once again.

I’m happy to let everyone know about the upcoming availability of  this year’s limited edition (only 100 copies produced) poetry broadside / broadsheet, THE TRAIL IS A TANGLED PLUMB’. If all goes well, copies should be ready by the end of September / early October.

Andrew Steeves and the folks at Wolfville’s Gaspereau Press have yet again put together a great design.

Here’s a sneak peek:

A limited quantity of SIGNED & NUMBERED COPIES (approx. 50) will be AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE for $10 + shipping.

Copies of older Gaspereau Press-produced broadsides from the last few years [‘hero of the play’ (2007), ‘table & chairs; set’ (2008), and ‘rotary; roundabout’ (2009), ‘cold spring song’ (2010) ] are also still available for $5 + shipping. Unfortunately, 2006’s broadside [ ‘heart’ ] is completely sold out.

Intrigued? Feel free to contact matt by eMail ( if you’re interested in purchasing any of these pieces. Planning on dropping by a reading in the near future? Well: as always, copies of the broadsides will also be available for purchase at upcoming events / readings.

Interested in getting a bit of behind-the-scenes’ perspective?

You can visit the press’s blog HERE: .

Excited about Gaspereau Press and the great work they do? Check them out .


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