NEW Interview NOW ONLINE: matt robinson chats with ArtsEast!

It’s hot off the virtual presses as of today: Friday, June 17th!

The folks over at Arts East have just posted a the 1st section of a NEW two-part interview with matt  on their website (a chat about, of course,  poetry and writing and such, but one that also manages to touch on the upcoming NHL draft) :

SC: What are your thoughts on the state of poetry here?

MR: I think poetry, as usual, is doing just fine here in Halifax and in Canada and across the wide world. There’s always a sense that poetry has lost ground or is dying or something of that sort. To me that kind of talk seems silly.

People are writing poetry; people are reading it; people are engaged with it in some way. Is poetry a viable ‘industry’, one that’s going to make you rich like the new idea or the next big fashion craze or something Oprah does? Probably not, but I don’t think that’s really the point. At least not for me. See: I’m a hockey fan; an Oilers fan, actually (Question: Do we take the centre or the d-man? Hmmmm… I say we try to trade down and get one of each: maybe Couturier and Hamilton, instead of simply either Nugent-Hopkins or Larsson, but I digress). The point is: I’m not concerned that the NHL isn’t the NFL or MLB or the Olympics or whatever. I love hockey — playing it, watching it, talking about it ad nauseum over beers night after night after night — and I know a number of other folks who do as well. And that the key. There’s a loosely connected community, a critical mass of sorts that will love hockey whether it survives in Atlanta or Phoenix or wherever. And hockey still exists even if the NHL folds TOMORROW. That’s way I feel about poetry as well.

Sure: it would be great if more people bought poetry books from current poets and went to readings and such. But really, all I need to feel good about poetry in Halifax or Canada is to know there are poets and readers and listeners out there. And there are: the poetry section in The Bookmark tells me that; reading series like Allan Street or Lilah Kemp do the same; The Fiddlehead chugging right along year after year in Fredericton as a major lit journal certainly tells me that, as does the newfound grass-rootsy success of Open Heart Forgery here in Halifax. There’s plenty of room to grow and change and die back and re-bloom, but all in all I think things are OK.

More, you say? You can check out the 1st section of the interview HERE:


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