NEW REVIEW of ‘Against the Hard Angle’ NOW AVAILABLE @ Canadian Literature

While reviews of  Against the Hard Angle (ECW Press, 2010) have been a little harder to come by than hoped since the collection was released in last April, every once in a while something appears. The latest bit of critical response is a very kind mention in an omnibus review of four poetry collections from Canadian Literature that’s NOW ONLINE. Highlights include:

The lovely poems of Matt Robinson’s Against the Hard Angle feature patience, waiting, exploration of the motive for metaphor, including architecture and the body as a house.

Clever spacing, a feature of many of his poems, echoes the discordant rhythm of stop and start traffic in “Study: Willow Tree, Traffic,” brilliantly described as a “caesura” that’s also “tachycardiac.”

Punctuation takes on a semantic role. The colon, sometimes ending poems, reveals the thresholds stated and implied—what will happen if one takes up the offer to slip into thin air: “an eyelid spills just then. gist; then. just:” is a complete poem that ends the sequence “It’s Now, He Thinks, We Lie In It.”

Have a few minutes to spare?

You can check out the entire review (of AtHA and fine collections from Soraya Peerbaye, Lisa Robertson, and Zach Wells), online HERE:


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