CV2 Anniversary READING ‘A Sure Thing!’ According to The Coast!

Halifax weekly The Coast has this Sunday’s CV2 35th Anniversary Reading Tour stop in Halifax listed as ‘a sure thing’. 

You can go straight to the source HERE

Or, take a look below and check out what The Coast has to say:

 CV2 Magazine Reading Tour 

When: Sun., Sept. 5, 8 p.m.
Price: free

Quarterly magazine Contemporary Verse 2 is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a coast-to-coast tour, and it’s pulling up to the Halifax stop Sunday for an evening of readings from local poets Matt Robinson, Jeanette Lynes, Miki Fukuda and Sue Goyette. “I jumped at the chance,” says Robinson, explaining that CV2 contacted him as a former contributor to participate in Sunday’s event. “Given the other folks involved, it’s a great opportunity to read with and listen to some amazing writers.” Robinson has published poems with CV2 on and off for years, and he says “they’ve always been a great lit journal for up-and-coming writers, as well as folks who have gradually established themselves a bit more. I published a poem or two from my most recent collection, Against the Hard Angle, in CV2 not long before the book came out.” Look for some of Robinson’s newer poems in the magazine’s 35th anniversary issue, and his “random poetry ‘drops’ at places like the ferry terminal”—printed broadsides of his work that he leaves on notice boards in the city. – Holly Gordon

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