Against the Hard Angle’s Poeteering Google Map: Over 9000 Visits and Counting!

Against the Hard Angle‘s digital roadshow is proving to be a popular poetic destination. Based on web traffic — over 9000 visitors and counting thus far — ‘Poeteering’ appears to be a hit!

As a part of ECW Press’s publicity campaign for matt’s newly released, Against the Hard Angle, the publisher created a ‘Halifax in Verse’ Google Map that charts each and every one of  the 14 poems in the collection’s second section, toeing the slack-roped narrows.  

The Halifax locations and landmarks used as jumping off points for each of the poems in the book are pinpointed and paired with representative poetic snippets. Even local independent bookseller, The Bookmark, is zeroed in so you can grab a copy of the book as your traipse the city on your poetic reality tour.

It’s poetry for the web. Or your iPhone. Or other techo-gadgety things like that. It’s like a game of online poetry-orienteering. Poeteering, if you will.

It seems the folks over at SaltyInk.Com are on board:

“This is one of the finest, most interactive reader experiences I’ve heard of. It’s book marketing at its finest. The book itself is great too. There’s a fierceness to these poems; a confidently wild use of language. The poems pop off the page with the same fervour in which Robinson has written them.”

Have you been poeteering yet? Sound intriguing? Ready to plan your trip? Well: you can click on the map above to explore this nifty bit of poetic technology. More info on the project is also available by heading to ECW Press’s webpage for Against the Hard Angle right  HERE:

Against the Hard Angle 

(ECW Press: Toronto, 2010)  / ISBN – 10:  155022915X / ISBN – 13:  9781550229158

The two sections that comprise matt robinson’s fourth full-length volume of poetry, Against the Hard Angle, though disparate in terms of form, nonetheless share a common concern with ideas of relationship and its examination. These are poems, at their cores, about where we stand in relation to the rest of our various worlds.


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