Go Poeteering, Again! DalNews features ‘Against the Hard Angle’ and its ‘Halifax in Verse’ Google Map

Another day, another news item on Against the Hard Angle and ECW’s ‘Halifax in Verse’ Google Map.

Once again, ‘poeteering’ appears to be generating a bit of buzz.

Yup, it seems the folks over at DalNews are pretty keen on the whole idea of ECW Press’s ‘Halifax in Verse’ Google Map of Against the Hard Angles various Halifax, NS connections:

“Gazing upon the Google map created by the poet’s publisher, one can imagine poeteering – a combination of poetry and orienteering – or, walking through the city and visiting each poem’s location. “Because that part of the book is so regionally-grounded and (Halifax is) not necessarily a place that everyone has been, we wanted to draw attention to those specific places,” says Jennifer Knoch, associate editor with ECW Press in Toronto. “The idea is someone with a smart phone could bring up the map standing in that place, read (the specific poem) and see it through Matt’s eyes.”

This is a marketing strategy that embraces today’s popular technology. As Ms. Knoch explains, it is a way for her client to attract new readers, potentially by accident. If someone happens to search for maps of Halifax online, there is a chance they will click on Mr. Robinson’s poeteering map and maybe end up buying his book.”

You can check out the full DalNews article right HERE: http://dalnews.dal.ca/2010/05/10/mattrobinson.html#tagComments

You can check out the full ‘Halifax in Verse’ Google Map right HERE: http://maps.google.ca/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=111351305036284765498.000483d1e642dbd0b9b78&ll=44.641318,-63.576038&spn=0.014031,0.007925&source=embed



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