‘grand parade, halifax’ – Poetry as Public Art in the HRM

As part of an HRM-wide project, matt robinson was contacted by Heather MacLeod, who works for the HRM’s Community Relations & Cultural Affairs department, to work on a site-specific poem for the Grand Parade Square.

The resultant poem, ‘grand parade, halifax’ was then reproduced on a traffic control box in the square by local artist William Johnson.

Below are some B&W pics of the poem / traffic control box (photos: Lyndsay Anderson, 2009) and the full text of the poem as it was reproduced on the traffic box’s six panels.

More information  on the project can be found in this article in Halifax alt-weekly The Coast HERE: http://www.thecoast.ca/ArtAttack/archives/2009/08/14/matt-robinsons-gets-poetic-in-grand-parade




gph #1

gph #2




– ‘the square is the only major shape that is man-made’


a pause, of sorts.             a rupture

in the stolid brick

& concrete rote

that is the city’s downtown counting;

our stepped caesura.



            it has been here we have been

here for the tumult & explosion

of the core, its people.

            a frenetic foreign chaos of

debris.             we



have been right here

& shuffled the icy restlessness

of near-zeroed november

mornings & mindless kicked at

what’s been cobbled,



together.               we have,

i’m sure, been here just

some of us a slight

bit drunk.             loose shouldered &

slack jawed, searching



the night’s unsteady dark for

a fight, for a bite of salty meat or slice

of pizza.               we have been here,

however briefly,

on the way: up, or down,



or over.                we have been here;

we have been.                 

            we have, at very least,

just this: a near accidental architecture

of moments; a shape of who we are.




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